Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sizzling Summer Read-a-thon Update 2


After the mishap yesterday I hope today goes a LOT smoother! I work 8am-12 (noon) but I will read if I can during then go full out after that!

My plans for today:
  • catch up with the Mist of Avalon 
  • The Way of Kings (til part 2)
  • Ready Player One
 Status: #1
Starting Book: The Way of Kings (nook)
Total Pages Read: 0      Books Finished:0
Notes: I had a very busy shift at work today so I got absolutely not spare time to read! :( Full blast from here on out!  

Status: #2
Starting Book: The Way of Kings (nook)
Total Pages Read: 65 Books Finished:0
Notes:  We got caught up in back to school shopping crazy wackiness! :( I am failing this read-a-thon like a boss :(


  1. Hope you get lots done today! I'm trying to read but there's a fun movie on the television. Hard to concentrate on the book!

  2. I hope you're having fun through the read-a-thon! It looks like you had great progress yesterday. Here's to more reading! :)


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