Saturday, September 25, 2010

Reading Challenge-The Historian

So I'm a little late on starting this challenge, but I have been super busy with work, my house stuff, my son, and the read-a-thon going on this week that I just didn't get around to it! I still want to take part so I'm going to be a wee bit behind til I catch up!

Coffee and a Book Chick and Tedious & Brief thought of hosting a read along for those readers who have either read The Historian. Isn't that awesome of them?! I have had this book on my shelf for so long but never got around to reading it! This challenge is a great excuse to bust it out and open it again!

If you want to participate then click the button up top!

Sept 20 to Sept 26 -- Chapters 1 through 14
Sept 27 to Oct 3 -- Chapters 27 through 39
Oct 11 to Oct 17 -- Chapters 40 through 48
Oct 18 to Oct 24 -- Chapters 49 through 66
Oct 25 to Oct 31 -- Chapters 67 through Epilogue

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  1. I read this book already and really enjoyed it. I hope your interested in history because if your not you might be overwhelmed.


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