Monday, September 20, 2010

Product Review : Costume Supercenter

Recently, I was offered an excellent opportunity to review any costume of my choice from the wonderful online store, Costume Supercenter. I was very excited because Halloween is coming up! Gotta get those costumes, right? I was able to peruse their store and choose one that I liked. Since he is the one that would be dressing up, I let my son choose what he wanted to be for Halloween. Look at this super awesome Skeleton costume that he choose!
I think it looks awesome! Don't you?

The store's website is organized and simple to navigate and they have THOUSANDS of costumes and accessories to choose from! Each category is packed full of different types of costumes. They have costumes for girls, boys, and adults! They have costumes ranging from silly to scary, from movies to tv shows! I loved the selection.

My order was shipped and delivered very quickly and came in a sturdy package. So quickly that I was very impressed with the speed of shipping! The actual costume itself, is well made and durable. The costume fit my son perfectly! I think it's very cute on him..erm..I mean scary! LOL He loves it! I wished my camera was in working order so I could show you how adorable he is in it!

All in all I had a great experience with Costume Supercenter and would definitely recommend them for ordering a great costume! I will definitely be using them again! This has been a wonderful experience and a pleasure!

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