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Quick Review-Size Eight in a Size Zero World

It's really hard for me to write negative reviews, because well I want to be a nice person. I didn't HATE this book, that's such a harsh word, but I didn't like it either. I love a good love story. I love a good chick lit book. This book fell flat for me.

Lindsay is the mother of two children, whom seem like great kids. Her husband isn't very supportive or emotionally responsive to her. He treats her like a slave and doesn't interact with their children. Every single scene he is in we are reminded of how douchey he is. Okay we get it. Her marriage is doomed and she is emotionally unfulfilled. So? She has a job. She has connections and friends. GET A DIVORCE! Yeah the player in your apartment building is hot, but he's just that. A player! Even after she is shown many many MANY signs that he is not that great of a person, she still is smitten. BUT my main problem was that Lindsay just became incredibly selfish. She seems like a good mother in the beginning but gradually becomes this self-involved mushball. She lets her husband walk all over her and then let's Mr. Studly walk all over her too. She does things that as a mom made me cringe. Yeah, us Mommies need to let loose and go wild! After all we aren't dead, but we also have responsibilities that are more important. Lindsay seems to let the men in her life control her. I was hoping by the end she would see that she could support herself and be a strong woman, but that was not what we were given. The end of the book it seems like she's morphed into another character and one that I didn't really like.

I'm sorry I know this is coming out really harsh, but I'm being honest. I didn't enjoy this book. The characters never really grabbed me. Just when Lindsay seem to be developing as a person, she backslides and disappointed me. By the end of the book I was sad by what she had become. I'm not against being sexually extroverted, but by the end of the book Lindsay was acting like a fool.

Maybe it just wasn't a good choice for me. I hold no ill-will towards Ms. Cagen. I seem to be one of only a few, that didn't enjoy the book. To be fair and give a balanced review, I've found a few more positive reviews for this book. Have a look for yourself.

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  1. This is my first novel, and I was excited to get a negative review. I figure if I don’t ruffle a few feathers with my novel, then I played it safe, too safe. There are many popular books that I don’t like. I’m surprised that I struggled reading Memoirs of a Geisha, a book everyone seemed to enjoy.
    I am addressing certain points in your review of Size Eight in a Size Zero World. My protagonist is not a single girl and she is over thirty (30) years old. The novel is not Chick Lit. It is not represented as a love story, unless after finishing 330 pages you realize that Lindsay learned to love and respect herself.
    Many husbands “check out” of their marriages though they are physically there. They don’t listen or participate. They “babysit” their own kids, rather than take care of them. Lindsay’s husband checked out of their relationship and he adopted a male chauvinist attitude that his wife is responsible for everything in their marriage. She doesn’t want to confront him about his indifference.
    Consistently throughout the book, I show her devotion to her children, I’m shocked any reader would think otherwise. Yes, she falls in love with “Mr. Studly” (love that name!) he is a naughty diversion for her. Her heart wants him, and initially she struggles with that conflict. Moving forward with a romantic liaison enables her to learn to go after what or who she wants. It causes her to grow as a person and regain control of her life. By the end of the story, Lindsay becomes a stronger person and empowers herself. Personal growth and development, rarely happens in a straight line.
    You can hate it, it’s only a book.
    Best regards,

  2. I completely understand your points Meredith and appreciate you dropping by my blog. I do not condone infidelity in any way, that was why it was so hard for me to sympathize with Lindsay. It was pretty obvious that Lindsay's life would be better off just divorcing her husband and it was clear she could support herself. She was smart and had the potential (connections, etc.)

    Maybe I'm just old fashioned, or maybe I misinterpreted the ending of the book, but what kind of impression does it make on a child when Mommy has two boyfriends?

    Like I said I didn't hate the book, but I am not a fan of it. I do think your writing was solid and pretty good for a first book. I mean you did stir up emotions in me as a reader, isn't that what most authors want? :)

    Thank you again for coming to my blog. I appreciate it! Best wishes!


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