Friday, January 15, 2010

Quick Review-Eternal on the Water

Eternal on the Water by Joseph Monninger is one of those books that takes you by complete and utter surprise. You kinda know what you're getting yourself into (the back cover gives you a clue) but you don't really know how it will EFFECT you. My opinion is that if you finish this book without having to wipe away a tear just once, then you my friend are cold!

This is a story of love at first sight in the truest form. A finding of soul mates and taking life as it comes. The characters are brilliantly written and the story flows so very well. This book will keep you flipping the pages and hoping a miracle happens, because you just know you'll be a crumpled up heap if it doesn't. I won't spoil the ending but it's touching and wonderful and..okay so I'm gushing a little bit, but this book deserves it! This was a joy to read and is going on my shelf and staying there.

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