Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Grrr...Technical Difficulties

Grr! Okay peoples, my monitor is doing some funky stuff right now. I believe it is dying a slow, sad death right now and I am not sure when exactly it will die. Sooo... I figured I'd post this as a warning. I really really needed this *sarcasm* at this time in my life. Our car is in the shop, our loaner car was taken back by the owner because she needed it, and because of this our finances are strapped. Yay! Another expense to add to the pot! Woot! *snortle*

Anyway, as long as it works I'll keep updating, but if you do not see me around the blogosphere for a few days then you know what happened.

I really seriously will go insane with insanity if I do not has my internets.

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