Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Review Now Up! Abomination by Audra Middleton

Date Published: June 2014

The seeds are planted. Which will take root, change or destruction?

A seed of destruction is sprouting in Forest End, but the kingdom is in too much of an uproar trying to locate their missing princess to notice. Princess Willow has been kidnapped by the enemy. Her mother, the Fauna Queen known as Watcher, is the only one who can reach Luminar and rescue Willow before the winter snows come. While the queen finds a way to save her daughter, the princess is able to plant seeds of change in the enemy kingdom. But if Watcher doesn’t make it back in time to stop the abomination that has been growing in Forest End, Willow’s seeds will never take root.

My Review:

This is a sequel to Watcher, which I have not read. I don't know if I missed the first book or what, but I did not realize this was a sequel when I signed up for the tour. I will say that while there were some info gaps (my fault for not having read the first book!) I was able to slide right into the story. 

The characters were well developed and interesting. The story was fun and kept my attention until the end. I did feel lost, but I think that was because of the aforementioned blunder on my part!

I really enjoyed the world building that Audra Middleton has created. I will most likely go back and read the first book and look forward to the 3rd one!

Abomination has a great story, wonderful characters, and an excellent new world to explore!

A good read!

Audra Middleton

Audra Middleton was born and raised in Washington State where she lives with her husband and their three boys. She gave up her teaching career to raise her children, and in between diaper changes and baseball games, she began writing books. Once she started, she couldn’t stop, even after she went back to teaching. 


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