Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Sunday Salon

Howdy folks! Here I be again on this wonderfully cold Sunday morning, just sipping coffee and procrastinating on the cleaning I have to do! What about you? It's crazy how quickly this year has gone by, isn't it?

I turned 31 on Friday of last week. Yup I'm old-ish. I don't mind!  I have had such a great week just reading whatever I feel like, and I even got some wonderful surprises too! A few really awesome people gifted me some books that I've been drooling (no lie) over! I will post a thank you dedicated to them soon! Seriously, we are so broke right now that gifts weren't possible this year so these surprise books were just amazingly awesome to get! I cannot begin to describe how happy it made me! :)

I think that this next week I will have a personal read-a-thon! Most of my favorite shows are doing their mid-season break thing so I won't have many distractions so I'm going to read til my eyes go funny!

Speaking of funny..probably to just a few people but still..It's funny to ME!

I love Daryl from The Walking Dead! This guys is the reason this show rocks so hard! I would want him on my side during a Zombie Apocalypse!


  1. Ditto on Darryl! It's going to be hard when they start killing off characters (it's inevitable), because I've gotten pretty attached to them. This season has been all about Darryl for me, though he's been so quiet. I'm curious to see what he'll do when he runs into his brother again--I'm sure he'll have a major dilemma on his hands!

  2. Oh yeah I can't wait for that to happen! Gah the drama will be amazing sauce!

  3. I love how the TV seasons are faster, with new replacements right afterward. Unfortunately, I have favorites in all seasons! But I record shows and work them into my reading week.

    How great that you were gifted with books. IMO, there is no better gift!


  4. Happy birthday! I had my birthday recently, too, and, no, 31 is not old-ish!

    Here's my Sunday Salon: Reading 264 Books. I hope you will stop by and sign up for my November Giveaway, too. It's a $25 Amazon gift card!


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