Friday, April 1, 2011

March Summary

So March was a fun yet rough month for me, both personally and "professionally." Luckily for me April is going to be packed with fun things! The Read-a-Thon is the 9th and my son turns 7 on the 15th! Woot! So yeah, I'm excited! Happy April everyone!

I didn't get a ton read this month but I'm proud of my totals!

  1. The Shepherd-Ethan Cross
  2. Dead Reckoning-Caitlin Rother
  3. Outlander-Diana Gabaldon
  4. Heat Wave-Richard Castle (ebook)
  5. Letters From Home-Kristina McMorris
  6. Murder Takes the Cake-Gayle Trent
  7. The Silenced-Brett Battles
How did you do in March?

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