Friday, April 8, 2011

My Read-a-Thon Pre-Post

AH! It's tomorrow! Holy Crap I'm excited! I'm getting my snackage ready and my books piled high! I'm not going to list them, as I will be on co-hosting duty! OMG! The 7pm-11pm (CST) block of the 'thon, so I probably won't get a heckava lot of reading in during those hours, but I will try! My plan is to graze along my TBR stack the whole time, so I get some of it cut down!

Anyhoodle, I am also going to be pledging a donation to the Kid's Need To Read organization. For every book I finish (start to end) I'll donate $5! I'm going to aim on 3 books in total, but definitely going to push for more!

This is a wonderful charity that donates books to underfunded schools and public libraries, among other facilities. I was made aware of it by listening to one of my favorite actors Nathan Fillion speak about his involvement with it! It's a great thing to help schools and libraries get books into the hands of kids! I've donated to them before and feel confident that they do what they say they do, with the money given to them.

If you do want to sponsor me, please leave a comment so I know and can thank you very muchly!

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  1. I'm so excited for tomorrow! I have books, snacks, and a cause, myself. New York Public Library. $1 for every book I read, start to finish, all year.
    What are your go-to snacks?
    Also I love your excitement, and yeah, I might've squealed like a great big fangirl when you mentioned Nathan Fillion. Can we borrow him on the East Coast to give the NY Public Library some fundraising love, too?


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