Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Review-Lighting their Fires

Using a trip to a baseball game, teacher Rafe Esquith describes his methods and ideas about teaching and creating well rounded children. He explains the elements of a well rounded child and what ever parent should know about how to help their children be the best. I loved how he laid it all out bare and simple so that everyone could understand and follow through.

As a mother of a boy that is quickly growing up and starting to understand more about the world, this book was an eye opener. I really appreciated the straight forward, non-nonsense way Esquith explained his methods. I found his ideas interesting and logical. I had several "ah ha!" moments while reading this book.

Each little story is told to show his techniques and give a bit of history to them as well. This isn't just another dry "How to Make Your Kid a Genius," book. There is enough humor and fun to keep things from turning too serious. I would suggest this book to anyone with kids. I learned a lot from it and think that I will use some of the tips and techniques with my son.

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