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All the signs are there. Dead things everywhere. Nightmares of bloody bodies and eaten corpses. Michael knows he’s coming for him. The prophecy cannot be fulfilled without him. From behind the Cemetery Gates, his brother, Shane, enters the world. He’ll force Michael and the others to take their rightful place at his side.

When Michael decides to go to a neighbor’s party, a beautiful stranger thrusts him into his past. Through meditation, Michael is thrown back into a world he had long tried to forget. He works quickly because time is short. Shane is on the prowl. He'll force Michael to fulfill his destiny.

Only, Michael has a problem with what he is sent to do and he's tired of running. As he recalls who and what he is, he realizes he's humankind’s only hope for survival. He decides to battle his brother, not only for the woman he loves, but also for the redemption of his soul.

My Review:

I have to be honest, this book was at times confusing. There were constant shifts of time frames and characters at times, and those had me re-reading and occasionally lost. The characters themselves were very well written, though. Paige did a very good job at that. The back story was well crafted and well written too. I felt like each main character got plenty of "page time" and was well developed enough. I have no complaints about that part. Basically the book's guts were good, but there were those pesky time jumps, flashbacks and viewpoint shifts that kept me from really getting into the book.

Maybe this wasn't the right book for me? Maybe not the right time.

Here is another review:
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My rating: 3/5

**I received a free copy of the book in return for an honest review.**

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  1. Thank you, Melissa. I appreciate your review. As a new author, it's refreshing to find out where one may go wrong and where one went right! Thanks again.
    All my best,


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