Sunday, July 2, 2017

Got A Bookish Giveaway? Post it here (July 2nd-9th)


Got a giveaway of a bookish nature going on at your blog/website? Wanna spread the word? How about linking it here? I'm doing it for the peoples, but also a bit because I'm lazy and want to find them all at one spot instead of scouring the interwebs for them! 
This may become a weekly thing if it works out well. So stay tuned! 


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  1. I sometimes do a free book giveaway on Facebook or Twitter to those that follow me. I'll pose a simple question such as "What are reading now?" or "Best book you've read all year?" and the first person to comment or email will get a free signed copy. So, for what it's worth, follow me there. Cyrus,


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