Monday, January 18, 2016

#WintersRespite Day 1 Read-a-thon!

I didn't finish Snow Like Ashes yesterday like I had hoped, soo it goes into this week's stack! I will keep updating this as the day and my reading progresses!

Day 1 Updates 
Book: Snow  Like Ashes 

Start Page: 206
End Page: 416
Notes As I Read:
So this book has the usual tropes in it. A girl that fights her destiny, she loves a boy she isn't supposed to love, she wants to prove who she really is, she gets a mission, she gets a shiny new dress, a NEW boy falls in love with her, and her first love gets all territorial. Fight ensues, drama drama and more drama. I should hate it. It's not all that original, but so far I like it. Is it spectacular? Nope, but I'm finding myself highly entertained, which is all I ask for in a book.

Book 2:
Start Page: 1
End Page:  85

Total Stats So Far:
Books finished-1
Pages Read:  295

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