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~When I Think of You by Rosa Sophia~ Guest Post


When Nina Archer dreamt of Wes Ladner, they were both in Florida, both runners, both writers, and both passionately attracted to each other.

After a year and a half, Nina is growing accustomed to a new life in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, and though she feels as if something is missing, she doesn’t think she will ever return to the place of her birth. Despite this, she soon discovers she not only misses Florida, but she is not so sure running away was the best idea.

Wes is the man who helped Nina learn to be intimate, but a disagreement between them seems to have finalized the idea they will never be together.

While Wes’s career is on the rise, and his novel is about to become a bestseller, Nina explores her inner self while attempting to let go of her fears and accept the fact that she is worth it and deserves love.

Will Nina and Wes find each other again, or will they ignore the dreams they’ve had?

When I Dream of You brought them together. When I Think of You continues their story as they try to decide if their dreams come from something substantial, or if they are nothing more than fantasy.

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Book one info:

Nina Archer battles memories of a trauma that occurred twelve years ago... With plans to move to North Carolina, she hopes to separate herself from her mother, whose excessive drinking is becoming unbearable. Then suddenly, fate steps in to help her heal in a way she would never think possible. While running a race in Juno Beach, Nina finds herself next to a man whom she's immediately attracted to. Wes Ladner, the same man she dreamt about one year ago... 

Wes is focused on his writing, and has no time for a woman. But the night before they met, he dreamt of Nina. Although they come from two very different worlds neither of them can deny the sparks that fly between them. As her time runs out to make a decision, Nina wonders if she's been given the chance to come to terms with her past, and accept a gift that some never receive - true love. 

Guest Post:

How We Can Heal Through Writing
On the process of writing your trauma

By Rosa Sophia

Writing your trauma—or writing about anything in your life that causes you pain—can be extremely difficult. As someone who is more comfortable writing fiction than memoir, I decided to fictionalize part of my story and write about what had happened to me.

When I Dream of You and the next in the series, When I Think of You, follow a woman as she deals with overcoming trauma. Each story, from a first person perspective, focuses on the female character, who was raped as a teenager and also deals with a dysfunctional upbringing.

Writing is a very healing process. But if you’re afraid to write about what troubles you the most, don’t be. Remember: you don’t have to show it to anyone. You can write it, and keep it under wraps. No one has to see it.

Or, if you feel your message is important, you can hone it and polish it until you feel it is ready to be submitted to a publisher.

Not everyone is going to like your story, or enjoy reading it. So, the question you have to ask yourself is, do I want to write this just for me—or do I want to share it with the world?

Regardless of how you answer this question, remember the most important part of the process is the journey toward your own healing. Write that which terrifies you. Write your trauma so you can release it, so you can let go. And perhaps your ability to send it into the world will help someone else work through their own darkness.

Write on!

About the Author

Rosa Sophia is a novelist and full-time editorial consultant. With a degree in Automotive Technology, she adores writing and editing as well as fixing cars. Rosa is also a crazy cat lady in training, and currently divides her time between South Florida and Pennsylvania.

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