About Me

 ~*Pleased to Meet you!*~

This is me. I'm Melissa, pleased to meet you! I'm from Alabama, living in a single wide trailer with my son, husband, and two cats named Lester and Kenzie Bo!

 Lestercat Benedict
 Kenzie Bo
..both are fashionably prissy..

 I love to read and I love to blog. I am NOT  a professional blogger or  reviewer. This is not my job, this is my fun-time, my "me" time. My style is neither neat, nor tidy.  I do not adhere to any kind of review format, nor do I always use correct grammar! *gasp* There will be an over abundance of gifs, a GIANT obsession with read-a-thons, and a few naughty words scattered here and there. 

I watch a lot of tv and also play a lot of video games. I will most likely post about these too. My tastes in TV and games varies as widely as my reading tastes, so prepare for random!